Most Popular Tourist Destination

There are numerous tourist attractions in Kenya. Anyone lost for choice over where to visit should consider visiting Melda Holiday Travellers. The attractions in Kenya are numerous, and they are all breath taking. There are numerous tours and travel agencies in Kenya that assists tourist find the ideal spots to visit in the country. The main attractions in Kenya include the national parks and reserves. There are hundreds of national reserves and game parks that are home to thousands of wildlife. Tourists can enjoy the sight of animals such as elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffaloes and rhinoceros. There are various parks and national reserves that tourists can visit. They include the Mara, the Tsavo and Amboseli. Tourists can make travel arrangements prior to their visit to these national parks and reserves.

Other attractions in Kenya include the safari tours. Unlike the developed nations where civilization and industrialization have taken over, Kenya preserves its environment. Tourists can engage in exciting safaris across the country. Tourists should be equipped with appropriate gear such as boots, huts, and four wheel drive vehicles so that they can maneuver the rough terrain with ease. Kenyan safaris are stunning and expose tourists to the wild. Other attractions in Kenya include ecotourism, which involves visiting fragile and undisturbed natural areas across the country. Kenya is one of the few countries with raw undisturbed geographical regions.  These regions are rich with wild plant life, undistributed by human activities.

The coastal safari provides other attractions in Kenya that tourists can visit. The coast is rich with various tourists’ attractions such as the scenic beaches and the ocean. The weather is friendly and permits tourists to enjoy their visit to the beach. The coastal safari also boasts of historic sites such as the Vasco Da Gama pillar and fort Jesus that hold relevance to the growth of the coastal cities. Other attractions in Kenya include the museums and monuments spread across the country. Kenya boasts of having numerous museums that tell the life and culture of the Kenyan people. There are museums located in the capital city, Nairobi hence convenient for tourists who wish not to travel. Adventurous tourists can drive through the rift valley and the coast to enjoy other tourist attractions in Kenya.

The Kenyan cultures are other tourists attractions in Kenya that people can enjoy. There are over 40 tribes in Kenya. Culture in each tribe is passed from one generation to another. Tourists can learn of the diversity of the Kenyan culture by visiting places such as the Bomas of Kenya. Birding safaris are other attractions in Kenya that tourists can enjoy. Birding safaris involve a tour of various geographical regions to view Kenya’s birdlife. Bird lovers can watch over 500 different species of birds in various national parks and reserves. Tourists can also visit the highlands and mountains and enjoy these attractions in Kenya. Geographical placement determines the different climatic conditions in Kenya. The highland regions are chilly and wet hence appropriate for agriculture. Tourists can enjoy the lush green vegetation and tea farms in the high lands. Tourists can access mountains like Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya in their tours of attraction in Kenya. Mountain climbing is one of the fun activities that tourists can consider doing. Tourists can also consider touring the magnificent lakes of the country. Lakes such as lake Nakuru, Victoria, Naivasha and Elementaita are popular tourist attractions in Kenya.