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Melda Holiday Travellers a leading tours and hotel package providers in Kenya organized a jungle safari based press release occasion to discuss its expansion plans

A tour and holiday solution provider of the top order Melda Holiday Travellers
caters to its clients with the best possible vacation packs combined with affordable hotel offers.

Kenya, March 3, 2014

Starting the conference, once a note about the huge natural assets Kenya boasts of, the CEO of the organization observed that the exotic Kenya safaris are the best ways to explore the untamed wildlife and untapped natural beauty of Kenya. Their wide range of tour safaris include the lodge safari, camping safaris, wild tour safaris, eco safaris, golf safaris, adventure safaris, cultural safaris, business safaris, leisure safaris, and the sports safaris. The company authorities observed that one can just take a brief tour of their webs anxiety they are sure to find the holiday packs entycing enough to plan their next vacation to Kenya.

The company management further specified that their exotic Kenya tours include touring to some of the best national parks in Kenya. Kenya, offering a unique blend of the gorgeous savannahs, the pristine beaches, the snowcapped mountains and the lush green forests, is nothing short of a grand celebration of life and its various forms.

The exotic experience of birdwatching attains its zenith as one gets to see a colorful flock of birds taking off together in a fleeting spree. The experience of watching the venomous snakes and the calm yet contemplating crocodiles wait one their preys from a closer range is a view to savor and revisit for a lifetime.

Another aspect that the tourists are bound to notice are the friendly  and hospitable people of Kenya, who make the tourists feel instantly at home. The natural beauty of Kenya coupled with the national parks, wildlife reserves and the beautiful peaks, the beaches and the exotic equatorial forests is and experience of a lifetime. also features impressive hotel packages for their clients near the exclusive forest locations. Starting from 5 star hotels, Melda Holiday Travellers fabricate their holiday and accommodation packages in a a manner that would suit their client budgets and likings as well.

Finally to conclude the conference, the company authorities asked the potential clients to go through their website to learn more about the exciting and enigmatic beauty named Kenya.

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