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Take a Tour to Kenya This Season

A vacation is the perfect recipe to spending great time with the family as you relax and unwind in the arms of the soothing nature. Going on a vacation gives you the opportunity to take a break from your office works and spend some time exclusively with your family and loved ones.

Throughout the world you will find a number of destinations that are perfect for nature lovers or for the ones who are just looking to spend some time relaxing and unwinding. You can definitely learn a lot about the various tourist destinations worldwide from the internet but what you might not consider is the arrangement for the holiday trip. It might sound quite unlikely but executing a vacation plans successfully needs a lot of systematic planning that must be done by experts.

The travel agencies specialise astutely in designing tour packages that suit your affordability and fulfill your dreams of the perfect vacation in some of the most exotic destinations, beaches and wildlife zones. Whether you love trekking or hiking, these tour package designers, keep all your plans and expectations in mind.

Wildlife tours are gearing up recently as more people have started taking interest in nature and its treasures. The tour agencies craft their packages in such a way that the tourists get exactly what they are looking for.

The booming industry of tours and travel in Kenya offers a wide array of tourist attractions starting from wildlife tourism to bird watching, enjoying at the beaches and touring the mountains and valleys. Kenya tourist attractions include the Lamu Old Town, Fort Jesus, Great Rift Valley, the Sacred Mijikenda, the Lake Turkana National Part and the Mount Kenya Natural Forest to name some.

The exotic Kenya wildlife includes the Lake Turkana Region, which is Africa's largest saline lake and is also the breeding ground for a wide species of birds and animals like crocodiles, hippopotamus and various venomous snakes. The extinct volcano of the Mount Kenya Natural Forest features 4 peaks nestled on 12 glaciers, thereby adding to the Kenya tourism treats for the globe trotters and nature lovers looking for and exotic vacation in Kenya.

If you are looking for impressive Kenya tour packages then Melda Holiday Travellers is the tour solution provider for you. Featuring a myriad of Kenya wildlife tour packages and nature tour packages in Kenya, has a real treat in store for you.

Avail Best Kenya Tour & Hotel Packages this Vacation

Planning a vacation means considering a whole lot of factors and aspects of vacationing. Finding affordable tour package and accommodation are few of them. Until few years back, you would have had to find all information singlehandedly and there was hardly anyone to ease the burden off your shoulder.

With changing time, people's approach to touring and accommodation leasing, have changed considerably. Now more people prefer it if someone else helps them find the right tour packages and the accommodation options, wherever they go on a vacation. Kenya is and exotic destination that gives one the opportunity to explore the wilderness of the nature in its purest forms.

Exploring the natural vibes of Kenya, you might as well love to explore the archeological treasures of Kenya. Especially, if you have interest in the historical sites. For affordable tours and travel Kenya based tour package providers are definitely the right people to consider. These travel solution givers create their holiday packages in such a manner that it also includes accommodation in quality hotels at affordable prices.

Other than the regular Kenya tourism sites, you can also explore the Kenya adventure tour packages designed by the specialist tour schedule creators. The Kenya Lake System is one of the popular adventure sites in Kenya. The popular Lake Nakuru,Lake Bogoria, and Lake Elemantaita comprise a vital part of this lake system. Housing the beautiful Rothschild giraffes, cheetahs, lions and Black rhinos, the lake system is also home to the exotic and gorgeous flamingo birds. Whether you are looking to spend some time admiring the beauty of the Mijikenda Kaya forest, or take some time contemplating as you explore the silence of the Great Rift Valley.

For exotic tours to national parks, reserves and sanctuaries, more holiday travellers in Kenya trust Melda Holiday Travellers, a premier tours and hotel accommodation combo providers operating in Kenya. They helps you get the best and the most reasonable deals in touring and accommodation packages where you get a great opportunity to access the most enigmatic natural sanctuaries or natural reserves and enjoy luxury stays at cozy Kenya hotels and everything gets done within your budget.

Spending a worry free vacation experience in Kenya is what these vacation solution providers gift your with. All you have to do is contact them and checkout their packages.


Tourism Kenya for an Adventurous Trip

In case you are planning to have a holiday in Kenya, you are going to have the time of your life. There are a number of places which you can visit during your trip to Kenya. You can divide your trip into different and small components. You can opt for the wildlife component, adventure component, etc. People who just want to relax can also approach Kenya for a holiday.

People interested in wart-sports can also enjoy a lot in Kenya. You will find a number of water-sports in Kenya. This fact that beaches of Kenya are extremely clean as well as beautiful is quite true. The beaches are the main attraction for people visiting Kenya. The most exciting thing to do in Kenya is water skiing. There are a number of rivers also in Kenya, where people can enjoy the pure white water-rafting of these rivers. Apart from enjoyment at the side of these beaches and rivers, you may also enjoy fashioning tours which you can go as a part of adventure Kenya tourism.

The safaris of wildlife are also a major tourist attraction and anyone who wishes to witness the wildlife of Kenya can do it from a close distance. You can also go deep into the grasslands and enjoy the different animal’s right into their natural reserves. In case you are lucky enough you may even witness a few animals hunting for their food. The elephants of Africa which is a huge animal may also be seen and that too from very close quarter. Thus, the adventure part of tourism Kenya is truly adventurous as well as thrilling for the tourists visiting Kenya.

In case you are interested in some other type of adventures also, then adventure tourism Kenya will offer you a lot. You can go for a balloon ride into the pinnacle of mountains. You would see the grasslands, flora, and fauna from above. This is the most adventurous part of adventurous Tourism Kenya. Thus, this trip which would be comprehensive as well as fully enjoyable, will give you a lifetime experience. The camel safari is also worth experiencing.

The Beautiful Kenya

The tourist destinations of Kenya are diverse and rich. The spell bounding landscapes as well as the rich culture of the country is worth witnessing. There would not be any other place on earth which would offer you so much. Within the extremes of this single continent, you will be able to discover savannahs, the timeless cultures which are unchanged by modern universe, pristine and blue beaches, the coral reefs, equatorial forest and the might snow capped mountains, the seer deserts and the cool highlands retreat. The never ending opportunities of discovery, adventure, and relaxation will be very exciting for you.

Right from power soft secluded beaches, the national park teamed up with the millions of wildlife which includes much sought after Big Cats and the Big Five for lakes which brim with fishes as well as birds and mountains, cities, museums, this country will offer the travelers a wide range of Options having activities like film-production. Hollywood is known to each one of us and also has a very long-standing affair with his country which dates back to 1930. A number of classics have been shot here in Kenya like Kilimanjaro which stars Gregory Peck, the King Solomon’s mines with Stewart Granger and Mogammbo which features Claks Gable and Ava Gardnerr.

The main tourist attractions of Kenya are:

  • Wild life parks
  • You will be able to get an unedited glimpse in the lives of the residents of Kenya.
  • The breathtaking views of the Mount Kilimanjaro

Kenya is not only a popular tourist destination but a number of international cricket tournaments are held here. This also makes this continent a very popular tourist destination. People from across the globe visit this place to witness the cricket matches of international stature.

Kenya's beauty is unmatched and stunning. But if you are planning a trip to Kenya then you should keep at least ten to fifteen days. For exploring the whole of Kenya you need at least that much time. Also, before planning your trip makes sure you keep your first aid kit alongwith you. As you would be indulging into a number of adventurous sports, there are chances of injuries.


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