Experience a Pleasant Moment of Lifetime Touring Kenya
Kenya is one of the leading tourist attraction centers in the word.  Kenya tourism is based on the natural endowments such as the wild animals, the natural features, culture, geographical diversity, beaches, and archeological sites. Kenya tourism destinations are distributed all over the country. The heritage of the Kenya tourism include;  Lamu Old town, Kaya Forest,   Fort Jesus, Sacred Mijikenda and the natural endowments which include the Great Rift Valley, Mount Kenya Natural Forest and the Lake Turkana National Part.
Fort Jesus in Mombasa was an outstanding and preservative site since the 16th century. It was designed and built of Giovanni Battista Cairati. Fort Jesus was aimed at protecting the Mombasa port from the external invaders. It occupies an area of 2.36 hectares. Lamu old Town is the old historical site of the 16th century. IT has simple carved doors, ant the inner court yards. Sacred Mijikenda Kaya forest occupies 200km. This forest bears a living tradition, which consists of, the 11 separate forest sites. Kenya tourism is really very exciting to the tourists.
Kenya tourism allows further adventure to the other tourist attraction sites such as The Kenya Lake System. Kenya Lake system has its location in the Great Rift Valley. It consists of the beautiful small lakes which include; Lake Nakuru, Lake Elemantaita, and Lake Bogoria. It is a home to various animals such as the Rothschild giraffes, Black rhinos, cheetahs, and lions. Kenya tourism also has pride in the area because it has the flamingo birds which cover a very high area.  The Lake Turkana Region has a serine site for tourist attraction. Kenya tourism is proud of this tourist attraction site since it is a breeding area fort hippopotamus, crocodiles, and the venous snakes.  It is the biggest saline lake in Africa. The archeological site in this place includes Koobi for deposits and is rich in the mammalian and the fossil remains. Kenya tourism is proud of this site since it has more paleontology than other sites of the continent, and this has made an increase in the number of tourists who visit the Lake Turkana National Park. The Mount Kenya Natural Forest is a volcano which is extinct and has an impressive landscape with the four peaks on the twelve glaciers, making Kenya tourism enjoy a good number of tourists visiting the mountain forest annually.
Kenya tourism service can facilitate visits to the various tourist attraction centers in the country. Maasai Mara, which has become the eighth wonder of the world, is one of the tourist attraction centers mostly visited. In the Maasai Mara, tourists are able to see the migrating wildebeest and other wild animals, and get a good accommodation and food from the Kenya tourism. Tsavo National Park is also another main tourist attraction center, outside the Nairobi City. Tsavo has many types of wild animals and the tourists are able to look at the animal closely they are facilitated by the Kenya tourism vehicles.
 The Kenya tourism in collaboration with the hotel industry in Kenya has continued to provide the best services to the tourists who visit Kenya annually. The tourists who ever visit Kenya, therefore, long for a subsequent visit as they enjoy the Kenyan scenery, culture and other natural endowments facilitated by the Kenya tourism.