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PostHeaderIcon The Unmatched Beauty of Kenya


The Unmatched Beauty of Kenya

Kenya is the east African continent having Nairobi has its capital. It has been named after the Mount of Kenya. Mt of Kenya is the 2nd highest mountain peak of Africa. Kenya is also home to rich and diverse cultures as well as landscapes. It has a number of parks, museums, beaches, mountains and also a huge variety of flora and fauna, Kenya is definitely a magical continent and that is the reason because of which Kenya is a popular tourist destination. All the tourist attractions of Kenya are most frequently visited by a number of travelers.


Nairobi is also known as the Green city in the sun and is the largest and most busy city of Kenya. It’s a Cosmo city having a huge and rich wildlife. It is considered to be the greatest safari attraction. This place is the fourth largest City of Africa and also the most populated city also. A number of organizations as well as companies are located here.


Mombasa is the 2nd largest city of Kenya and is known for its most fine beaches like Riwi, Diani, Shelly, etc. Mombasa also houses a number of other tourist destinations like the Fort Jesus, Old town, etc. The Lake Turkana is a famous lake of the northern rift valley and is known as the biggest Desert Lake of the world. It’s filled with lot of crocodiles. The lake also changes its color with wind.

The Aberdare National Park

The Aberdare national park is located in them mountain range of Aberdare. It also houses a lot of spectacular wildlife creatures like sykes monkey, lions, baboons, bongo, the gold cat, the black Rhinos, etc. The Kenya tourist attractions offer a spectacular safari as well as wild-life experience. The national park houses a number of hike locations as well as picnic places. The Malindi is the town that is surrounded by a number of beaches. It has the Marine Park where all the tourists visit for enjoying snorkeling.

Thika is another very popular coffee plantation and two of the waterfalls. The Thika waterfalls as well as the Chania waterfalls are also some of the major tourist destinations.


PostHeaderIcon Kenya Touring made easier by Legitimate Tours Companies

Kenya Touring made easier by Legitimate Tours Companies

Holidaying with friends and family sounds like great fun but involves a lot of responsibilities, especially, when it comes to making all arrangements. Arrangements, initially, might just sound like nothing but collecting some information and marching to the respective holiday destination. But this is more easier said than done. Firstly, you have to gain sufficient information about the particular destination that you have chosen. Once you have found out about the probable attractions you can visit, you need to take the next step and find out about the hotels where you can stay. The food they serve and the money they will charge you.

Again this might sound like a piece of cake, but you realize the pain you have to take when you actually start searching for information. Without professional backing you are sure to mess up everything. The experts in tours and travel solutions, have all tour packages and hotel schemes at their fingertips. They help you get accommodation in hotels that offer discounts and offers suiting your requirements and budget most importantly.

Kenya is one destination that's replete with natural treasures that simply wouldn't fit into a single tour package or just one trip to Kenya. Touring with a legitimate tours and travel company is always a big relive and Kenya's legitimate tours and travel companies are no exception.

These legitimate and registered tour and travel agencies are experts in crafting the most cost effective and enjoyable tour and hotel offers.  Having years of industry knowledge and understanding of the best strategies to benefit their customers, these tour agencies know exactly what kind of tour pack would give their clients a better taste of the natural treasures offered by Kenya mountains, sanctuaries, natural reserves and exotic forest areas.

Maasai Mara National Park is one of the most visited attractions in Kenya. Here you get a view of some of the most unique species of wild animals. In fact, at Maasai Mara you can also avail quality food and accommodation if you wish to stay for the night. Another attraction you might want to explore is the Tsavo National Park. A short trip of the Melda Holiday Travellers site will give you better knowledge about the attractions you can explore.

If you are planning a trip to Kenya then is the right place to look for. 

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Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest cross the Mara

Kenya National parks
  • Aberdare National Park
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Central Island National Park
  • Chyulu Hills National Park
  • Hell's Gates National Park
  • Kisite Marine National Park
  • Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Malkamari National Park
  • Meru National Park
  • Mt Kenya National Park
  • Mt Longonot National Park
  • Nairobi National Park
  • Ndere Island National Park
  • Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
  • Saiwa Swamp National park
  • Sibiloi National Park
  • South Island National Park
  • Tsavo West National Park
The Cheetah

The Cheetah

Kenya National reserves
  • Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve
  • Arewale National Reserve
  • Bisanadi National Reserve
  • Boni National Reserve
  • Buffalo Spring National Reserve
  • Diani/Chale Marine National Park and Reserve
  • Kerio Valley National Reserve
  • Kiunga Marine National Reserve
  • Kora National Reserve
  • Lake Bogoria National Reserve
  • Lake Kamnarok National Reserve
  • Losai National Reserve
  • Malindi Marine Park and Reserve
  • Marsabit National Reserve
  • Mombasa National Park Reserve
  • Mwea National Reserve
  • Mwingi National Reserve
  • Nasalot National Reserve
The maasai worriors

Amazing video of the maasai

Other Reserves and Sanctuary
  • Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
  • Laikipia Game Sanctuary
  • Maralal Game Sanctuary
  • Rahole National Reserve
  • Samburu National Reserve
  • Shaba National Reserve
  • Shimba Hills National Reserve
  • South Kitui National Reserve
  • South Turkana National Reserve
  • Tana River Primate Reserve
  • The Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Watamu Marine Park and Reserve
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